For Apple TV (English language only)


QRTV Displays your QR Code on Apple TV´s TV Screen.


Read QR Code by pointing your phone camera

at the TV Screen


This can in turn open a web site, add a vCard, distribute a wifi password, facebook link, linkedIn link, twitter link and so on....


Use at home, at a meeting, in a classroom, or for marketing.


Works standalone, or in companion with QRTV for iPhone


Display any tekst as QR Code.

-Visit Card, vCard

-Map Location


-Calendar event

-Facebook profile

-Linkedin Profile

-YouTube video


All of these and more supported by QRTV for iPhone.



-Write text with remote or,

-Use QRTV App for iPhone or,

-Copy and paste from iPhone.


-Supports QR Code colour, and background color

-Built in support to display WIFI password.



-Store as many QR Codes you like.

-Select stored QR Codes from list.


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